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La Parrilla Del Gordo

La Parrilla Del Gordo is a great and convenient place where you can eat, delicious, freshly made Hermosillo-Sonora food style & Carne Asada Tacos, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers & More.

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Our goal is that our clients are satisfied 100% of the time with our delicious and freshly made food.

Burro Campechano
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Our heart is on each of our dishes...

Our love of cooking can be shown in the way we make our food. It'll have you coming back for seconds. Our food is made with love and passion of cooking and our main goal is that our customers are satisfied and feel at home. This business was started as a dream to bring the authenticity of Hermosillo-Sonoran food style.

Supreme Flaming Hot Taco

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Grilled onions and peppers just delicious!
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